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salmah plateau

sultanate of oman



ministry of tourism,

sultanate of oman



land tirol and 

european union / efre

(research project eco-lodge) 



structural engineering:

jane wernick associates, london



tourism managament:

markus ehrensberger



sustainable energy management:

atb-becker, green technologies



project management:

malcolm reading consultants, london



beyond the insertion of permanent technical devices and structures into the cave openings in order to provide permanent access to the cave, the programme issued by the ministry of tourism for the development of majlis al jinn and salmah plateau includes a visitor centre and a hotel.

the present architectural project investigates into the integration of these buildings in the unique and magnificient landscape of the salma plateau. furthermore, it proposes a specific architectural concept responding to the very specific requirements of tourism infrastructure in this remote and exposed location.


at present, any visitor arrives at majlis al jinn via very steep and winding graded roads. in the future these roads will be improved and a 4wd shuttle service be installed to take visitors to the cave.

as the salmah plateau offers a breathtaking landscape, an agreeable climate and spectacular attractions like majlis al jinn and the other extensive cave systems near it, visitors will appreciate a comfortable opportunity to stay overnight or even several days in close proximity to the caves. in accordance to the brief given by the ministry, the present project proposes to arrange the visitor centre as well as the hotel within walking distance from majlis al jinn. thus the hotel can serve as a starting point for hiking, caving, mountainbike tours and other sports activities on the plateau.


the sites have been chosen by the project team considering distances to the cave, the local topography, and visual relations to the cave and to the sea. the arrangement of the architectural elements in the landscape has to be further developed, involving precise topographical measurements as well as information on tourism and environmental issues.


















floor plans



funded by:


  land tirol