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majlis al jinn cave, sultanate of oman



ministry of tourism,

sultanate of oman



land tirol and 

european union / efre

(research project eco-lodge) 





structural engineering:

jane wernick associates, london



tourism managament:

markus ehrensberger



sustainable energy management:

atb-becker, green technologies



project management:

malcolm reading consultants, london



the majlis al jinn cave represents a natural space of unique beauty.

in order to develop it as one of the great tourism attractions of the sultanate of oman, its accessibility for a larger public will have to be provided with minimal interference with the given, breathtaking natural landscape.


lift in first drop entrance:

research into several options of positioning an electromechanical device to bring visitors from the surface down to the cave bottom, has resulted in the proposal to insert a lift platform, with modest adaptions to the natural rock surface, into an existing gorge in the side wall of first drop.

one of the most spectacular aspects of the given situation is the light condition, the massive shaft of light descending first drop entrance. the lift cabin is designed to play with this natural phenomenon, fracturing the light through its smoothly curved transparent surfaces.


























































floor plan









































stairs and viewing platform in second drop entrance:

our investigation into the geometry of second drop, based on the provided 3d scan, has proven the feasibility of a staircase inside the rock chimney.

the correspondent structural system has been developed in a space-saving manner, by integrating the structural elements into the balustrades.


at their lower end, the stairs open out onto a viewing platform hung from the cave ceiling.

this platform is designed in an irregular ring-like shape, providing different spatial situations for the visitors and the opportunity to walk a circuit. 
































































floor plan




























funded by:


  land tirol



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