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salmah plateau, sultanate of oman



ministry of tourism,

sultanate of oman



land tirol and 

european union / efre

(research project eco-lodge) 



structural engineering:

jane wernick associates, london



tourism management:

markus ehrensberger



sustainable energy management:

atb-becker, green technologies



project management:

malcolm reading consultants, london



effective area: appr.700 sq. m


beyond the insertion of permanent technical devices and structures into the cave openings in order to provide permanent access to the cave, the programme issued by the ministry of tourism for the development of majlis al jinn and salmah plateau includes a visitor centre and a hotel.

the present architectural project investigates into the integration of these buildings in the unique and magnificient landscape of the salmah plateau. furthermore, it proposes a specific architectural concept responding to the very specific requirements of tourism infrastructure in this remote and exposed location.


approaching majlis al jinn on the existing gravel road, visitors will be welcomed by a long canopy providing shaded parking. adjacent to the parking, small and simple rooms provide spaces for gathering, resting, picnic etc. they are enclosed by light and permeable wood mesh facades reminiscent of "arish", a traditional local building material. these small spaces will give a calm atmosphere, after the exciting journey up to the plateau.

visitors then walk across a sculpture garden spanning between the parking and the actual exhibition building. being a beautiful abstract object at first glance, the extensive cast sculpture turns out to be a precise scale model of the cave system underneath salmah plateau.

behind the wide entrance opening in the traditional natural stone facade of the exhibition building, a long reception bar offers tickets, information, souvenirs and food. to the left, the speleological exhibition informs about the caves. the highlight of this exhibition, a large scale cast model of majlis corresponding to the sculptures outside the building, is presented in a circular dark space. light tubes in the roof will direct sunlight precisely into the openings of the model, simulating the magnificient light situation in majlis. the exhibition ends in a media space, where films and images can be shown.

oriented towards the cave entrances, visitors can then sit under a translucent glass canopy and prepare for their caving tour.




floor plan
























large scale cast model of majlis











funded by:


  land tirol